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Don’t wait on other companies to “order” an insulated window glass for you. We can make most single, double, and triple pane window glass on the same day often while you wait.  Feel free to stop by and watch us make your insulated window glass.

Window glass replacement is a specialty of Fast Glass Mirrors & More. With our in-house manufacturing of insulated glass using the innovative warm edge technology of Duraseal,we have the capability to provide service for the most demanding of situations. Whether you are a real estate agent and a fogged insulated glass is holding up a closing date, or your son’s fastball was a little more than dad expected. The broken window needs to be repaired and we can fix it fast. Call for your free on-site quote, or for faster service and bigger savings call ahead and bring the sash to us.


* Replacing a fogged insulated glass is fast, and in most cases, inexpensive.

* The average repair takes less than an hour.

* We come to your home or business at no cost or obligation to you, take the measurements and leave a price that is guaranteed for 30 days.

* Unlike window replacement; the trim, siding, sheet rock, and even the paint are usually undisturbed when replacing only the insulated glass.

* Insulated glass consist of at least two panes of glass. The inner pane is usually clear while the exterior pane may have a tint, or high efficiency    coating commonly referred to as low-e. (required by code in houses newer than 2004)

* Need privacy? Consider using decorative glass in the insulated unit.


We Do Window Sash Replacements!

Sash replacement is often necessary when there is rot or damage to the sash itself. Although, if the only problem with your window is that the glass is broken or fogged, it is usually more economical to just replace the insulated glass. In either case, Fast Glass Mirrors & More will come to your home or office to provide a free no obligation consultation and quote.

We also offer sash kits; a sash only replacement option for double hung windows. This product is ideal in situations where the frame is in good condition, yet the sash or hardware is in need of replacement. One good example might be in an older house where the double hung windows are still single pane. The sash kit converts existing double hung windows into double pane, low-e, tilt out (for easy cleaning) windows. The beauty of a window sash kit is that you get the benefit of a new window, without the intrusive and labor intensive tear out of the window frame. Window Sash kits also minimize the need to disturb the adjacent window mouldings, sheet rock, wall coverings, and siding.



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