Saving Money on Mirrors For Your Home or Commercial Gym in 2 Easy Steps

So many of us want that commercial gym at our home and this is one instance that the commercial look can save you time and money while maximizing efficiency withjust two simple steps! These techniques have been developed to optimize the size and location of the mirrored walls to ensure functionality while minimizing the cost by simply omitting the areas of a mirror that only reflect the floor and ceiling, with an added benefit of making the mirrors easier to reach for cleaning purposes. These practices work equally as well in your home gym.Fast Glass Mirrors and More would like to share some of these techniqueswith you so that you might also realize these significant savings.

Step 1: Determining the Height

Although mirroring a wall from floor to ceiling looks great and makes a room appear much larger, that simply isn’t usually the intent on a mirrored wall in a gym. Ithas been our experience that a mirror placed approximately twenty inches above the floor that extends to eighty inches above the floor will allow you to see your entire body, and the savings are significant. A sixty-inchmirror can save you over 25% of the cost in a room compared to a full-lengthmirror on an eight-foot-tallwall, and 50% savings in a ten-foottall room. So from a standing position,you can see fromthe tips of your fingers extended over your head, to the tips of your toes, from any distance in the room. This sixty-inch-tall mirror also saves money by floating the mirrored wall above the outlets which also eliminates the need for costly drilling to accommodate electrical receptacles and mirrored receptacle plates.

Step 2: Determining the Width

Although some applications work best with individual mirrors at each workstation, you might want to consider the benefits of mirroring the length of the entire wall. This is a much more versatile installation as it allows you to rearrange or add to your work out equipment while minimizing labor cost and eliminating drops by utilizing the entire sheet of the mirror. Also consider thatIn an application such as a work out room or gym,  Itis often desirable to minimize the number of seams in a mirrored wall, so we stock mirrors as large as ten feet long, and can special order sheets of mirror up totwelve feet long. In many cases, one mirror will sufficiently cover a wall in a home gym since it is not usually important to mirror all the way to an inside corner as this is another place that is not usually utilized. These long mirrors can also be installed end to end to accommodate even the largest commercial gym applications.

We hope these simple tips are helpful but we realize that there are many factors unique to every job and that is why we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with our customers in our service area.

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