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Saving Money on Mirrors For Your Home or Commercial Gym in 2 Easy Steps

Saving Money on Mirrors For Your Home or Commercial Gym in 2 Easy Steps
So many of us want that commercial gym at our home and this is one instance that the commercial look can save you time and money while maximizing efficiency withjust two simple steps! These techniques have been developed to optimize the […]

Frame Your Existing Mirror With Ease

Did you know that you can easily add a frame to your existing mirrors?
Mirrors play a vital role in our everyday lives, but until now the cost has been the primary reason that your vanity mirror is more a tool than a design element in your home. Though framed mirrors can add a richness […]

6 Common Questions About Replacing Foggy Windows

Here are a few of the most common questions that we are asked at Fast Glass Mirrors and More about foggy windows and insulated glass. Insulated glass is also known as double pane, triple pane, IG, and thermal pane glass. At Fast Glass Mirrors and More, we manufacture a premium replacement insulated unit using […]

Preventing Black Back on Mirrors

Preventing “Black Back”
on Mirrors
The discoloration often found at the
bottom of a mirror is oxidation of the metallic coating on the back of the
glass. (usually silver or aluminum) The oxidation is often cause by contact
with chemicals and water. (ammonia and citric acid in cleaners) During the
installation of a mirror it is helpful to rest the […]

Showroom is Open

Our showroom is now open!  Our New Showroom offers many new concepts, like painted glass walls incorporated into traditional judges paneling, seated below a plate shelf for a something old, something new twist. A beautiful finish that will stand up to those little finger prints and you will never paint again.

There is also a […]

Frame-less shower, tub, & steam enclosures

Frame-less shower enclosure’s are an effective way to add value to your home while giving the effect of spaciousness and elegance. Let us take a moment to review the basic process and some options available.

The most critical decisions come before the tile is laid. If possible, include us, Fast Glass Mirrors & More, in the […]

Glass & Window Sash Replacement


Glass & Window Sash Replacement

Consider this, you’ve got a window with a broken pane of glass, or maybe you were cleaning your window and realized the fogged appearance was due to contaminants between the panes (seal failure or a fogged unit). There is a simple and economical fix! In most cases, Fast Glass Mirrors & More […]