Here are a few of the most common questions that we are asked at Fast Glass Mirrors and More about foggy windows and insulated glass. Insulated glass is also known as double pane, triple pane, IG, and thermal pane glass. At Fast Glass Mirrors and More, we manufacture a premium replacement insulated unit using one of the most reputable warm edge spacers available to our industry.  This allows us to cut out the middleman and offer you a custom premium product with minimal lead times. Cutting out the middleman allows us to offer same-day service in some cases.

Do I need to replace my window, or can I just replace the fogged glass?

  • Most often just replacing the glass in your window is the most cost efficient, hassle free and quickest means of dealing with fogged or broken double pane units. Replacing the entire window can not only be more expensive but often leads to other issues like mismatching widows and the need for multiple repairs to trim, siding, blinds, security systems components, and sheetrock. So, in most cases glass replacement is your best value.

Are all replacement units the same?

  • Most glass companies order their replacement units from large distributors (the middleman), who in many cases are still using dated methods of insulating glass. Admittedly outsourcing has its place, but this is not it. At Fast Glass Mirrors and More, we manufacture our own insulated glass units using premium products such as spacers and seals by Duraseal. Duraseal is one of the best spacers on the market for both its insulating properties as well as longevity. Although this spacer costs more, we make up for that cost by eliminating the middleman which also benefits our customers with exceptional short lead times. Often our clients receive their glass on the same day they order it. Ask our staff about the benefits of insulated glass manufactured with Duraseal’s warm edge technology, or research it yourself. We are confident you will come to the same conclusion as we did, it is the best premium product for this application.

What causes the Insulated glass in my window to fog or fail?

An Insulated window fails when the seal is compromised allowing the infiltration of moisture between the glass panes. This moisture then condenses on the interior surface between the panes and then evaporates leaving behind mineral deposits that were suspended in the condensation.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the failure of an insulated or double pane unit some of these factors include:

  • Applying window tint or film to your IG unit.
  • Pressure washing with solvents such as bleach.
  • Window designs that allow infiltration of moisture and lack proper weep holes (usually wood framed windows).
  • Excessive exposure to Ultra Violet and Infrared light (exaggerated by applied tinted films).

Can I do anything to extend the life of my double pane windows?

  • Good maintenance practices such as keeping wood windows caulked and painted, especially where the glass and wood meet will minimize moisture and chemical infiltration that could shorten the life of your insulated units. Most windows with metal or vinyl frames have proper weep holes and are not so heavily dependent on keeping water out.
  • Use care when cleaning your glass not to use harsh chemicals.
  • The use film on insulated glass will dramatically reduce the service life expectancy and you will void any factory warranty.

Why does adding tint to my insulated/double pane glass cause the seal to fail prematurely but tinted glass and Low-e glass do not adversely affect the seal?

  • A typical application of either Low-e or tinted glass is for the tinted or coated glass to be to the outer most pane of glass. This ensures that the ultraviolet and infrared light is reflected before crossing both panes of glass and the airspace. To the contrary, tinted film is applied to inner most pane (inside the house) of an insulated glass. Therefore, the ultra violet and Infrared light pass through both panes of glass and the airspace before being reflected back through the insulated unit. This dramatically increases the units’ exposure and results in heating both panes of glass and the gas or air between the panes causing a rise in pressure and added strain on the insulated glass components as well as increasing the likelihood of thermal breakage. Substantial risks of thermal breakage increase on annealed glass when the reflective properties of the film exceed 30 percent reflectivity.

If I am selling my house, should I wait to replace my windows and make a deal with the buyer?

  • Most real estate agents and brokers agree that the time to repair your fogged window is before you show your house. Waiting to make a deal could cost you heavily as a buyers’ confidence is lost when something so obvious is left in disrepair. It is also an obvious flag on every home inspectors list, and many lenders will require the repair prior to closing. So even if selling is not in your immediate future, make the repair, you deserve to enjoy the view for yourself. Our replacement window panes will last you many years to come and if history is any indicator; cost seldom go down.



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