Glass & Window Sash Replacement

Glue ChipConsider this, you’ve got a window with a broken pane of glass, or maybe you were cleaning your window and realized the fogged appearance was due to contaminants between the panes (seal failure or a fogged unit). There is a simple and economical fix! In most cases, Fast Glass Mirrors & More can fabricate a replacement insulated unit in our facility, saving you the expense and hassle of replacing the entire window. Never mind the possible damage to wall finishes, siding, and trim associated with that procedure.

The process is quick and efficient. As a matter of fact, the replacement glass will most likely be more efficient than the unit being replaced. Our experienced staff can talk to you regarding the advances in insulated glass and seal manufacturing. We come to your home or office at no charge and at a scheduled time (not a 4 hour block of time), to assess the job, provide you with a quote, and schedule a time to replace your unit.

If your house still has single pane double hung window, consider replacing them with new tilt out, double pane, low-e (high efficiency) sash. We refer to this product as a “sash kit.” This kit does not involve disturbing your wall coverings, siding, or even the frame and sill of your window. We (or you) simply replace the moving parts (the sash and the jamb liners) and you gain the efficiency of low-e, double pane, and the convenience of tilt out windows without the destruction and mess of replacing the entire frame. It’s easy, fast, and it will save you a lot of money in utilities.

Whether you need us to do the job from start to completion, or you are a contractor or do-it-yourselfer who enjoys the challenge (and the savings), we are here to serve you. In most cases we can manufacture a replacement glass for you the same day you order it. We also carry many of the window parts and sealants and other supplies you might need to replace a broken pane.

Coming soon, we will offer some video guides and photos to support those of you that like to understand the procedure. We want you to be educated. Whether it is to help you save some money by doing a job yourself, or just to ensure that you get what you pay for regardless of who you choose to do the job.