applied-mirrorsPutting some flair and finish on your otherwise bland wall mirror is easily done with made-for-you kits. With a little bit of time to measure, cut and assemble, you can have a new and fresher look for your bathroom.

Do it yourself bathroom vanity mirror frame

The framing kits easily adhere to your existing mirror by using adhesives to bond the frame pieces to your existing mirror. Materials and quantity of styles vary among manufacturers, but the concept is similar.

In general, frames are available in wood, metal, MDF and acrylic and in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and plan on installing a new furniture style vanity, you can save money by avoiding the purchase of a coordinating decorative mirror by using the applied frame system . Rather than throw out your existing mirror because it’s too bland, wrap a rich wood frame around it. With the styles that are available in these kits finding a frame to complement the vanity is easy and affordable.

220B 220BLK Easy Frame - 220S
220W 220WD 300AP
300VB 400BLK 400S
400WD 420S 420VB
430B 530N 450B
EF_Row6_A_450CH EF_Row6_B_450G EF_Row6_C_450SS
EF_Row&_A_453B EF_Row7_B_653VB EF_Row7_C_465B
EF_Row9_B_510S 568BC
568N 568W
600AP 600B 600RB
EF_Row12_A_840DT EF_Row12_B_840EWT