Fast Glass Mirrors and More specializes in Custom mirrors for Vanities, Mirrored Walls, Mirrored Back Splashes, Door Mirrors, Sliding Closet & Bi-fold Mirrored Doors, Colored Mirrors, Tinted, Antique Mirrors, Beveled Mirrors, Framed Mirrors, Concave and Convex Mirror, we even carry Transparent Security Mirrors (video coming soon.)

We are the source for custom mirrors. There is seldom a cabinet or wall that is perfectly plum, level and square. We cut every mirror to fit exactly into its setting, often cutting every side to achieve a custom fit and look of excellence.

We custom create, design, and install each mirror. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we do it all!

Mirrors in Interior Design:
With proper design, application and custom fit, a Mirror can add light, space, architectural interest, and completely change the mood of a room. With the many types and tints of mirrors available today you can transform any room into that special place on a shoestring budget.

Tinted mirrors can bring warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

A large mirror with an arched top spanning floor to the top of the doors can ad space as well as an architectural element. Encompass that mirror with just the right trim or columns and it can appear as though you have added another entire room to your home.

Antique mirrors, beveled mirrors, painted glass mirrors, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination; and boy do we have an imagination!

Fast Glass Mirrors and More offers mirrors to add a tasteful touch to any home.

We offer:

Custom mirrors, Beveled mirrors, Framed mirrors, Mirrored walls, Bathroom mirrors


Mirrored Walls:
Fast Glass, Mirrors and More is very well known in the industry for custom mirror walls. We can assist you with designing the mirrored wall that bests suits your needs and adds value and a unique design element to your home. The effect of mirrors is very dramatic bringing additional light into the room and giving the illusion of more space.

Contact Fast Glass, Mirrors and More for custom made mirrors and installation services for your home in the entire Atlanta area. Whatever way you choose to use mirrors, Fast Glass, Mirrors and More is the ultimate resource for the finest mirrors. Call us first and our experienced staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have about Mirrors, and give you ideas, references, and quotes, for all your custom made mirrors, and installation services for your home in the entire Atlanta area.


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